Who we are

RD Consulting is an independent, local and agile marketing and communications consultancy based in Canberra. We advise in all aspects of the marketing and communications process – from planning and advice to professional training and implementation. Our objectives are not only to create and amplify messages but to obtain something more valuable and measurable – engagement, empowerment and enhancement of an experience for the user.

We have proven expertise in the delivery of forward-thinking digital marketing strategy, training programs, consulting services and implementation partnerships that engage with the intended audience, boost engagement and reach, improve internal capacity and capability, sharpen messages and get results.

Our team of talented professionals combine digital expertise and creative thinking to build brands, communicate with audiences and solve complex business problems. Our brilliant and creative team are highly qualified and accomplished digital native marketing and communications professionals who constantly explore creative and innovative digital solutions for our clients.

Why do we want to help?

RD Consulting was formed when its founder, Colin Anstie, innately aware of the rapidly expanding digital marketing toolset, saw an opportunity to share his knowledge with government and enterprise and help them to achieve their goals

We get great satisfaction in seeing both government and enterprise empowered, challenged and informed about marketing and communications. We consider our work a success when our clients’ functional, technical and digital leadership capabilities are enriched so that they can solve issues and realise their objectives and aspirations.

Our clients

At RD Consulting, we believe there is an opportunity for the Australian government, state government and private enterprises to cement themselves as world leaders in digital communication services. Through a collaborative process, we partner with our clients to identify needs and objectives. We build tailored solutions and provide the skills needed to make it a reality.


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