RD Consulting started life as Raging Digital in Canberra in 2012. CEO Colin Anstie, a digital marketer who’d taken Telstra, Bankwest and Commonwealth Bank on individual transformational digital marketing journeys, set up in the nation’s capital with his eyes fixed firmly on the Australian Government. Today, Col is surrounded by a team of 44 strategists, communicators, marketers, designers and animators, working on projects for the Australian Army, Royal Australian Navy, Department of Defence, Digital Transformation Agency and our national security agencies.

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We’re passionate. Creative. Strategic. Thinkers. Listeners. Doers.

We strive for excellence, every single day. Our team of consultants has experience across both the public and private sectors, and in a range of industries, including tourism, media, telecommunications, health, hospitality, the arts, and state and Commonwealth government.

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Want to know what we look for in our people?

We have an exceptionally well-written checklist here.


Our team

Individually, we’re among the capital’s most trusted and respected communication and design experts. As a collective, we’re unstoppable.

Government Panels

We are pre-approved for the following panels.

Department of Defence

*DSS Skill Levels & Minimum Standards (DSS, formerly CAS-SS. DCRN #843527D)
SON ID: SON3485107

Department of Defence

*DPSP Labour & Service Categories. DPSP – Defence Professional Services Panel
SON ID: SON2071251

Department of Defence

SON ID: SON3485107

Australian Taxation Office

ATOP ICT PS Treasury *Sub Categories – A01 to N05. *Personnel Categories – Skill Sets. Treasury – ATO ICT Professional Services Panel
SON ID: SON3280319

Digital Marketplace – Digital Transformation Agency

SON ID: SON3413842

Department of Human Services: Communication and Digital Communication panel

SON ID: SON3637213

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

SON ID: SON3408303

Australian Federal Police

Capability Support Services Panel
SON ID: SON3538332

ACT Government Panel ICT Consulting

SON ID: P071067


When we say we’re home to some of the nation’s powerhouse communicators, we’re not kidding. We’re a team of strategists, communicators, marketers, trainers, workforce planners, designers and change management specialists in Canberra, Australia.

Where you need us, we’ll go. Our consultants can augment your existing team by being contracted for a specific period of time, or ongoing.

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