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RD Consulting is a proud Canberra based business. We truly believe in giving back to the community and we’re always looks for ways to pay it forward. Donating money to charitable causes is always a fantastic thing for an organisation to do but RD wanted to have a deeper contribution. 

How could we use our highly skilled professionals to support a charity in the Canberra area? 

Hands Across Canberra is an amazing community foundation that works with over 250 charities across the Canberra region and supports them to raise funds for their cause. They have a huge focus on giving back to where we all live. Annually, Hands Across Canberra hosts a charity lunch at the National Gallery of Australia. Due to the Pandemic this event had to be held online during the past two years.  


RD Consulting saw the foundation and this event as an opportunity to provide support and go the extra mile for our local community. RD leadership approached the organisation and proposed we donate the time of our incredible Events Management team to help deliver this important event. Excitingly, Hands Across Canberra accepted. 

RD’s specialists across events, strategic communications and graphic design got to work quickly. Meeting with the CEO we looked at past events and reconfirmed the event’s purpose, identified the CEO’s vision and established where we could best support Hands Across Canberra. 

Through these meetings the team began developing a production schedule of key sequences, unique invitations and a sponsorship prospectus to support the CEO’s campaign of engaging with Canberra’s business and philanthropic cohorts. The team engaged with suppliers to not only meet the needs of the event, but also encourage them to take it to the next level of providing the best value for money.

Using the theming created in the invitations and prospectus, our designers created a presentation to acknowledge the sponsors and charities attending on the day. The events team coordinated the supporting RD teams and ensured that Hands Across Canberra were fully briefed and advised on the execution of each marketing asset created. 


The 2022 Hands Across Canberra charity lunch was a great success attended by more than 300 businesses and 60 charities. The visual promotion of the event was highly professional and well regarded.   

In terms of execution, the RD team was onsite early to oversee the layout, table setting and AV setup. Their planning meant the event ran without issue and supported Hands Across Canberra to do what was most important, which was raising funds and engaging with their guests. RD was extremely proud to take part and support such an important charity. 

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