Careers at RD Consulting

We want to work with people at the forefront of communication and creative services.

What we look for in our people.

You’re passionate.

You bring your A-Game to work, every day. You’re a great talker, but an even better listener. Collaboration is your favourite c word. You push yourself and your clients to be better. You’re excellent at breaking down and navigating barriers.

You own it.

You own your decisions and take responsibility for delivering beautifully for clients and your colleagues. You’re fully immersed in your work and fully invested.

You keep it real.

You’re a straight talker. You call out when something’s not right or when you think something can be done better. Frank and friendly conversations are your main game. You’re honest – with clients and colleagues – but never rude or offensive.

You strive for balance.

You know work is important, but so is your personal life. So you do your best to have a comfortable mix of both.

You know everything speaks.

There’s attention to detail, and then there’s ATTENTION. TO. DETAIL. You’re obsessed with knowing client expectations and meeting them. You’re well presented, well prepared and you know your stuff.

You know the little things are actually big things. Like knowing a client’s coffee order and bringing them one ahead of a meeting. Solving a challenge with a two-minute phone call with the right person. Offering a client help with anything they need help with.

Every single client interaction and every piece of communication you deliver is polished.

You back yourself.

And your colleagues. You work at RD because you’re among the best in the game. You know clients hire you to provide the best advice for their organisation or business and you always deliver.

You’re respectful.

Always. Of the RD brand, your clients and your community.

Work for us.

Interested in joining our team? Although there are no open positions at the moment, we welcome your applications for future opportunities.

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