RD Consultant, Emma Kennedy, selected for global camp in New York to support United Nation’s Global Goals Week

It was a moment in year 12 when Emma Kennedy was reminded, society isn’t equal.

At an orientation day, Emma was paired with a Year 10 student who was using a wheelchair while recovering from a leg injury. While trying to provide a tour of the school, it was apparent that the everyday ease of stairs, curbs and gutters we’re an everyday struggle for those with a physical disability.

“It would take us three times as long to get somewhere just because we’d have to go the full way around, and in poor weather conditions, using a ramp often required walking into the rain.”

Beating inequalities like this is passionate to the communication expert. Emma takes countless steps to achieve equality. So much so, she’s been handpicked to attend September’s Camp 2030, a global camp that gathers the best changemakers from around the world to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Seven of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals have been selected for Camp 2030 and assigned to different teams who attend. Emma and her team have the goal of reducing inequality.

“Change isn’t led by one person,” Emma stated. “The importance of building a community of like-minded and change driven people is critical.”

On September 11, in New York state, Emma will embark on a six-day journey, meeting over 300 people aged between 18-35 from over 61 countries who have come together to problem solve some of the world’s greatest and most wicked challenges.

Emma Kennedy, consultant at RD
RD consultant Emma Kennedy
The world’s brightest young minds attend Camp 2030

From a communications perspective, Emma believes Camp 2030 is an incredible and important professional development opportunity.

“Communication at its core is understanding problems and finding innovative, creative and strategic solutions,” she said.

“From a communications perspective, six days of brainstorming and collaboration with my peers will enrich my understanding of global issues and provide the tools to solve these problems more effectively.”

Part of Camp 2030 is the requirement to analyse inequality, define the problem and pitch a plan.

Emma further emphasized the importance of sharing this experience with people from diverse cultures and how this opportunity will increase her cross-cultural communication skills.

“I think sometimes your own bias comes into how you think you should respond and react.

“In the change space, good communication is critical. For me, a big component of [Camp 2030] is developing as a communicator but also seeing where I can apply my skill set as a communicator across local, national, and international issues.”

Image of the United Nations building with rows of flags in front of it.
Camp 2030 provides the chance to pitch at the UN
Emma says she can’t wait to land in New York

Camp 2030 finishes with an opportunity to pitch at the UN to a panel of delegates, international business leaders and others in positions to implement any plan to reduce inequality.

When asked if she was excited to head over to the Big Apple her response was delivered with a smile.

“I can’t wait.”

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