Seven tips to improve your LinkedIn 

Making the right impression to potential connections, employees or employers can be a daunting task. 

To help you, we have collated seven tips from our LinkedIn Masterclass.  

Choose the right images. 

When choosing a profile picture ensure you use a recent photo of yourself. You want people to recognise this account as being you. Frame yourself correctly from the shoulders up. Ensure you are dressed appropriately for work in the photo. 

Add your story to your summary. 

Spend time curating a summary. The main aim of your profile is to connect to professionals and your summary will tell a potential connection exactly who you are and how you got to where you are.  

Grow your network. 

Now that you have your profile set up, you can start growing your connections. Begin by getting into the habit of following up meetings and conversations with connection requests.  

You should also invite others to connect at the end of any presentation. By making these few actions a habit, you’ll be surprised how quickly your network grows.  

List your relevant skills. 

At the bottom of your profile, you have the option to identify the skills that are relevant to you. Doing this substantiates your headline and summary, while providing a platform for others to endorse you.  

Make sure to stick to a maximum of five core skills. Long lists of skills make you seem inauthentic. They do not show exactly who you are, and what you do. 

Utilise and manage endorsements 

Go through your current network and identify the connections who you feel truly deserve an endorsement. Usually, they will return the favour and give you an endorsement back. Relevance matters though.  

For example, if you wanted a data science endorsement, a data scientist would be the best person to give that. If you are not getting the endorsements you would like, reach out to the people who you would value one from. 

What to post  

This is one of the areas where we have found people struggle the most. The best way to start getting comfortable posting to LinkedIn is to share relevant pieces that come up in your feed and add to them.  

This could include something you’ve taken away from the piece or why it is relevant that others see it. Once you’re comfortable, start drafting your own posts with pieces you have written or share something important that happened to you work-wise. This gives you a great base from which you can start experimenting more with your posts. 

Check before you post 

Lastly you should have a few things to check off and consider before you post on LinkedIn. Are you making the content easy to digest? Hemmingway editor is a great tool to check this.  

Ensure you use two to three relevant hashtags and tag relevant people or organisations. Doing this will increase the number of people who will see your post. Plus, you will gain more connections.  

Starting with these 7 tips will have you increasing your connections in no time.  

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