Christina Weeden

Senior Information Analyst

Christina is passionate about information. With information now considered one of the most valuable business assets, managing and exploiting information is extremely crucial to an organisation’s success. As a leader in digital transformation projects, she is committed to delivering results that optimise the access and use of information.  

Christina will work with you to define and embed information management processes, and develop governance capabilities, frameworks, operating models and technologies. Christina is also your go-to for information security and data privacy requirements.  

She is an adept strategic thinker and problem solver who will readily assist clients to develop pathways forward despite uncertainty and significant challenges.  


  • Optimising the use of information through developing and implementing Enterprise Information Strategies and action plans for a range of organisations from large government agencies to rapidly-scaling private sector organisations.   
  • Using evidence to develop compelling business cases, demonstrating the value of programs of work.  
  • Contributing to building transparent, collaborative and respectful work environments.


  • Master of Information and Knowledge Management, Edith Cowan University 
  • Graduate Diploma Librarianship, University of Tasmania 
  • Bachelor of Science, Physics and Mathematics, University of Tasmania


  • business strategy
  • information management
  • information security
  • content management
  • data management
  • data governance
  • data privacy
  • research and analysis
  • report writing
  • business cases
  • project management
  • procurement
  • contract management

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