Adrian Rytir

Senior Data Analyst

  • Diploma of Project Management, Canberra Institute of Technology 
  • Bachelor of Digital Arts (Digital Video Production/New Media Studies), Australian National University  

Adrian is passionate about designing and implementing technological solutions to solve problems and add value where it is required. 

Focused on creating user-friendly and fit-for-purpose solutions, his work consistently ensures reliable future performance.   

Adrian uses a broad range of technological skills developed in his 15 years of experience in the field.  He specialises in linking multiple systems together seamlessly, ensuring the result is greater than the sum of its parts. 


  • His work as a Digital Solutions Architect for Stratacache APAC managing the design, implementation, and maintenance of a broad range of digital marketing solutions, including digital signage, and customer analytics. 
  • Delivering technical services across five venues, including the 1,335-seated Llewellyn Hall, as Senior Technical Services Officer for the Australian National University. 
  • Receiving the Client Focused Award from the Facilities and Services Division Director in 2018 for his work at the Australian National University. 
  • Designing, building, and maintaining lighting systems for a diverse range of live events as the Head of Lighting Systems at Eclipse Lighting and Sound. 
  • Receiving the award for Best Lighting Designer at the Canberra Area Theatre Awards in 2012 for Queanbeyan City Council’s Blood Brothers. 


  • RD SXO & ICT Projects


  • Technical event management, project management, technical support, broadcast, content creation and management, audio and video recording.  

Contributions by Adrian

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