Adrienne Cox


  • Bachelor of International Security Studies (Asia-Pacific Security/War Studies), Australian National University/Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (ongoing)
  • Bachelor of Political Science, Australian National University (ongoing)
  • Bachelor of Studies Extension Program (Conservation Biology), Australian National University

Words have power. And Adrienne is experienced in – and passionate about – using them to capture complex issues in consumable, engaging ways. 

Adrienne’s writing covers a breadth of subject matter, from marketing to Commonwealth Government policy. As a digital native, she is interested in how to communicate these topics in the digital space – understanding its problems, limitations, openings and opportunities. Meeting her interests with her strengths in content creation, editing and writing, Adrienne livens projects with her fresh, contemporary ideas and perspectives.  


  • Working with Generation Alliance and the ACT Chief Minister’s Department on the Canberra City Renewal Project, interviewing and seeking advice from stakeholders including local business owners, tourism operators and local politicians.
  • Residential academic tutor at the ANU, specialising in Asia-Pacific foreign policy, Australian defence policy, political science, philosophy and modern history. 
  • Working in the United Kingdom at a renowned, elite boarding school as a website editor and co-manager of internal and external communication. 
  • 12 months on the Academic Team at Burton and Garran Hall (ANU) organising, running, and hosting academic panels, talks, and formal dinners. 
  • Studying internationally at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands), part of Bachelor of International Security Studies.


  • Department of Defence
  • Australian Defence Force
  • RD Consulting social media


Copywriting, editing, social media, research, content creation, policy development, event planning and management.

Contributions by Adrienne

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