Brendan Caughey


  • Certificate IV in Project Management Practice, Churchill Education
  • Diploma in Justice Administration, Queensland Institute of TAFE

Brendan is a results-driven, analytically minded performance manager with broad experience leading teams and individuals on a large scale. He is a former Commando from the Australian Special Forces with a proven track record of delivering multi-faceted projects within specific time requirements while mitigating and strategically managing relevant risk factors.

Brendan has over 15 years’ experience in the military working in leadership roles, both domestically and during deployment, which required quality and effective communication, coordination and development of teams and improvement of risk assessment practices.

Brendan has also worked as a Performance Manager and Coach where he has been required to test individual and team capabilities, develop specific programs to enhance performance and improve training and monitor ongoing development.


  • Developed tailored programs for individuals and teams within the Australian Defence Force, leading them through complex scenarios to uncover shortfalls in previous training, build resilience and develop strategies to improve overall effectiveness on the battlefield.
  • Provided high readiness support and tactics to the Australian Government through the Domestic Counter Terrorism Team, Special Forces Unit, Australian Defence Force.
  • As a specialist team leader in the Australian Defence Force during the highest operational period, led small and large teams through training and on overseas operations that supported the overall strategic vision of the Australian Government and the Australian Army.
  • Coach both small- and large-scale business owners and entrepreneurs through systemic obstacles to enable development and performance optimisation.


  • Australian Defence Force
  • Department of Defence


Team development, stakeholder management, training and mentoring, performance management.

Contributions by Brendan

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