Cam Sullings


Thanks to a long career in radio and television, Cam is a well-known Canberra personality. He holds experience in hosting corporate and government events, and covering and hosting community festivals, national and international sport, and a range of local events. 

Cam has hosted and anchored radio shows in numerous markets, including in Newcastle, Darwin and Canberra. As a casual presenter, he currently hosts content-driven weekend programming for Mix106.3 in Canberra.

With almost 30 years of presenting under his belt, Cam now trains CEOs, executives and up-and-comers on how to speak and communicate with impact.  


  • Successfully transitioning from television production to full-time broadcaster to business manager to head of his own successful presenting and training consultancy. 
  • Currently holds a position on the Brand Canberra Strategic Advisory Board.
  • Designing and producing a series of videos for a large Commonwealth Government department facing COVID-19 communication challenges. 
  • Providing speaking and presenting training to RD Consulting team members and clients during 2020.


  • Australian Defence Force


Television and video production, radio broadcasting, event hosting, marketing and communication (both traditional and digital), corporate management in business and sport.

Contributions by Cam

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