David Lawson

Principal Consultant

Blending the creativity of advertising and marketing with the intricacy of strategic objectives, David is a seasoned creative director who understands content in all its forms. 

With decades of experience leading teams of writers, designers, filmmakers, editors, and a host of other creative disciplines, David has a unique ability to lucidly weave words and images into clear narratives.  

Evolving content into compelling and accessible communication, David brings a proven knowledge of design, creative strategy, creative vision and communication, behavioural economics and business management to the RD team.


  • Co-founding and working as a creative director at PwC’s Creative Communications branch, delivering engagement strategies and tools to support its clients’ most important initiatives. 
  • Managing and building relationships within a large Commonwealth Government department to collaborate and drive outcomes across a complex, hierarchically-centred business. 
  • Building and leading a team of 20 diverse creative professionals to deliver products to support communication, video development, and social and digital marketing campaigns during COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Overseeing traditional and digital channel engagement, video production, written content production, photography, and website development, analysis and maintenance.


  • Department of Defence
  • Australian Defence Force
  • National Indigenous Australians Agency


Change management, employee engagement, campaign strategy, creative strategy, concept development, branding, logos and identity, information architecture, visual content creation, art direction, graphic design, videography, facilitation, integrated communication, corporate branding, strategic communication and corporate communication.

Contributions by David

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