Esmarie Fulton


Esmarie is an all-rounder able to provide value across the spectrum in business and marketing development. From working in the finance industry to owning her own business, Esmarie offers a comprehensive approach to projects. She is able to seamlessly move from building business strategies to executing creative content for social media in fast-paced environments. Her attention to detail and creative nature offers a unique set of skills that can be translated to any project.


  • Creating a natural skincare brand and solely building and managing the business which sold in 2018.
  • Managing marketing for The Healthy Eating Hub and co-creating the brand The Healthy Eating Clinic with Kate Freeman.
  • Executing multiple digital marketing campaigns for The Healthy Eating Hub, The Healthy Eating Clinic and personal business ventures.
  • Developing a luxurious fashion brand, due to launch in 2021.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Financial Planning), University of Canberra 
  • Content Marketing Certification, HubSpot
  • Advanced Marketing Course, Digital Marketer Lab


  • Australian Defence Force


Social media strategies and management, content creation and marketing, brand development, copywriting, financial management, event management, business development.

Contributions by Esmarie

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