Jessa Spry

Senior Consultant

  • Bachelor of Communications (Advertising and Marketing), Western Sydney University
  • Certificate in Events Décor and Design, QC Event School 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Events Management and Public Relations, Fitzwilliam Institute
  • Certificate of Attainment in Defence Media Awareness Course, Defence Learning 
  • Certificate of Attainment in Defence Essential Writing, Ethos CRS

Jessa is a dynamic marketing and communications all-rounder with over eight years of experience in the field.  

She enjoys the challenge of creatively solving problems and working with a team to achieve results.


  • Providing communications advice and products for senior military leaders within the Australian Army, ministers and senior executives. 
  • Managing, developing and implementing strategic and creative campaigns across Army, Navy and Air Force as part of the Army Brand team at Defence Force Recruiting 
  • Organising and implementing over 150 events across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane for the Media Federation of Australia’s Next Generation program. 


  • Australian Defence Force


  • Communications, copywriting, campaign management, project management, strategy development, stakeholder engagement, event management, marketing design, social media management. 

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