Mitchell Chambers

IT Support

  • Bachelor of Advanced Computing and Economics, Australian National University

Fascinated by computers from a young age, Mitchell has had a life-long love for what he does, making him suited for his ever-developing technical role at RD Consulting. 

Mitchell currently continues an education in Cyber Security and Network Engineering, believing that his strengths lie in his enthusiasm for learning and his propensity to leave no puzzle unsolved.


  • Web development testing across a range of government websites on multiple operating systems and devices. The role involved communicating with a development team and providing detailed reports of the site testing.
  • Rising from kitchen hand/front of house to chef/supervisor at Wokitup! Pty Ltd, responsible for handling financials and managing staff and customer complaints from both in-store and online.


  • RD ICT projects


Customer service, Microsoft Office, programming, computer networks, information security, network infrastructure, soldering.

Contributions by Mitchell

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