Steven Beutel

Senior Manager

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Australian National University – ongoing. 
  • Master of Philosophy (Acquisition Projects, Organisational Psychology), Australian National University – ongoing. 
  • Advanced Executive Program, Oxford University. 
  • Master of Engineering (Logistics Management), University of New South Wales. 
  • Master of Business Administration, University of New South Wales. 
  • Diploma of Military Leadership, Royal Military College Duntroon. 

Steven is a dynamic and versatile leader with significant experience in delivering complex programs and strategic transformations under a diverse range of circumstances. 

With a cosmopolitan outlook and a natural affinity for people, he believes that the best work is that which enables the efforts of others – and consistently works to foster the potential of those around him. 

With deeply cultivated written and oral communication skills, Steven appreciates the importance of communication and information flows within and between individuals, teams, systems and cultures. He is currently undertaking research at the Australian National University to better understand this, while fueling his love of language, debate, oration, and engagement with others. 


  • Multiple operational tours on combat operations in Afghanistan; and deployments in support of border security, amphibious, and humanitarian operations throughout the South-East Asian and Oceanic regions. 
  • Working extensively with various foreign militaries. Steven was awarded a commendation by the United States Department of Defense for leadership on operations. He was also highly praised throughout his career for personal integrity, charismatic leadership, development of effective teams and diligent management of complex projects. 
  • Overseeing various work packages (acquisition programs and support systems) across the Capability, Acquisition, and Sustainment Group (CASG) and United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MoD), including, the Joint System, Land System, Specialist Ship, and Future Submarine Divisions respectively. 
  • Driving the delivery of major acquisition and capital infrastructure programs for the State of Qatar. This involved conducting business negotiations around the world across disparate legal systems, and handling budgets several times that of Australia’s total Defence expenditure. 
  • Directing the stringent delivery requirements for advanced technology and software solutions in support of various cyber security initiatives. This also included the development of business strategy and establishment of best-practices to ensure successful engagement across the entire client portfolio. 
  • Conducting research at the Australian National University and gaining first-hand exposure to cutting-edge methods and their implications for society. This included partnered support to clients on aspects of organisational psychology affecting command and control, the effects of information flows within organisations; and external engagements into how other aspects of human behaviour impact group and individual outcomes.  


  • Australian Defence Force


  • Stakeholder management, business process improvement, business strategy, business planning, special advisory, contract negotiations, commercial arbitration, organisational psychology, cross-cultural management, change management, program management, operational logistics, integrated logistics support, systems engineering, business development, academic research. 

Contributions by Steven

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