Tamzin Nugent

Executive Producer

  • Graduate Diploma of Dramatic Art (Directing), Arts and Entertainment Management, University of New South Wales/National Institute of Dramatic Art 
  • Advanced Diploma of Nursing (Applied Science), Australian Catholic University  
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment  

Tamzin is an accomplished creative professional with a proven track record in all aspects of video production from concept to execution.  

She is a team player and future thinker who brings a broad perspective to brand and promotion development.  

Tamzin’s approach is entrepreneurial, and creates agile teams that blend strategy, creativity, technology, media, and analytics to drive innovation. 


  • Working with writers to generate market-driven concepts, complete a pilot script and develop a series bible for television as TV Pod Screen Developer for Screen Canberra. 
  • Creating multimedia and interactive experiences for the redeveloped National Capital premises at Regatta Point as Executive Producer for Canberra’s custodian, the National Capital Authority (NCA). 
  • Developing a suite of CEA Technology products and Defence assets as 3D models to produce a series of videos, an interactive touch-screen kiosk, augmented reality applications, and fully immersive virtual reality experiences as a producer for the Department of Defence. 
  • Producing 13 mini-documentaries within two weeks for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade around Australia and its Colombo Plan Scholars. 
  • Overseeing graduate student projects, and advising on focus, methodology, and report generation as a Lecturer of Screen and Media at the Canberra Institute of Technology. 
  • Managing the timely delivery and budget requirements of all productions as Executive Director at Wetfish Productions in France. 


  • Australian Defence Force


  • Graphic design, project management, digital video production, audience analysis and engagement, event planning, proposal and tender preparation, content development, media and contractor relationships, budget management, strategic communication. 

Contributions by Tamzin

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