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From training large, multi-departmental teams and delivering workshops for intimate groups to mentoring and one-on-one coaching, RD Consulting offers training solutions across social media, digital media, marketing, communications, strategy and public speaking – from beginner to expert level. 

RD Consulting training ensures you receive practical tools and resources to strengthen your skillset or learn how to build and present a strong person-centred professional brand.

In true bootcamp style, we lead from the front and use hands‐on, tangible methods of developing new skills. The end result? Confident communications strategists, content writers and digital marketing practitioners ready to up their game as individuals and for their organisations. 

Developing quality educational and resource materials is one aspect of training, but delivery is the cornerstone. Trusted by the likes of Google, ANZ Australia,, Oracle and ActewAGL, RD Consulting has one of the most in-demand training services in Australia.

We also offer our Training Hub for hire for groups up to 30 people.

Tailored courses available include:

Agile Fundamentals Training at RD Consulting


Agile is a project management approach that emphasises flexibility, customer collaboration and continuous improvement. See why it’s used by the world’s biggest companies. 

Business Development Training at RD Consulting


Grow your business to a level you initially thought was out of reach. Learn how to research, plan, and pitch. Stand out from the crowd.

Digital Marketing Training at RD Consulting


Marketing in today’s digital world is a vital skill. Understand how to maximise growth and achieve your goals. Be the team that moves ahead of the rest.

LinkedIn Masterclass at RD Consulting


Utilise the world’s largest professional network. Learn the small but significant changes to stand out from the pack and boost your career. 

Marketing and Communication Strategy

Effective marketing and communication can elevate a team or business. Learn to successfully promote your offerings and reach new levels.

Mastering Media Training at RD Consulting

Mastering Media

Learn to work with the media and get your message out there. Be prepared for a crisis, and ready to share your success. 

Persuasive Writing Course at RD Consulting


In a world where communication occurs every day, it needs to be done correctly. Learn to make the most of every word, comma, and exclamation mark!

Presenting with Impact Training at RD Consulting


Good public speaking is fine. But speaking with impact is better. Hear and practice with one of Canberra’s most well known public speakers.  

Social Media Marketing Training at RD Consulting

social media marketing

Social media is used by more than half of Earth’s population. You can use it to your advantage. Improve credibility, reach more people and market efficiently. 

Strategic Planning and OKRs - Training at RD Consulting


Learn how to plan effectively for your business and understand how setting smart objectives can help your team work toward a common goal.  


The Training Hub at RD Consulting is equipped with everything you need for training, conferences, meetings, workshops, and more. We have a mix of modern technology and comfort items for groups up to 30 people.

Get in touch to find out more about our training packages, facilities and pricing and how we can customise a solution for your team.

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