Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing is an increasingly vital skill in government and corporate communication. A strong writer can captivate readers and stakeholders and influences outcomes. It’s a critical skill in any organisational setting that will help you provide clarity and precision, build credibility and professionalism, and persuade your audiences.

In government and corporate communication, effective writing is used to convey complex information, policies and procedures; is fundamental to telling a good story; and is critical in creating a strong presence in digital spaces. If not done well, communication can become ineffective and lead to misunderstandings, confusion, and a lack of trust with your audience.

This is the ideal training if you’re trying to upskill your writing ability to be more powerful and increase your ability to persuade your audiences and stakeholders.


Our training packages can be customised to suit your needs and reflect your organisation/team goals and objectives. A pre-training consultation will be arranged to better understand your requirements and deliver a training package to suit your needs.

Training outline:

  • Sentence structure – the optimal ways of structuring a sentence.
  • Punctuation – helping the reader understand the meaning of your message.
  • Parts of speech – when should your sentences be active or passive.
  • Editing – how to modify and improve another person’s important work.


Our Persuasive Writing training will teach you the core principles of effective written communication. Our expert team has decades of experience in consultancy, marketing, newsrooms, government, and business. We know how to write well and can’t wait to share tips and tricks with you. In a world where communication occurs every day, it needs to be done correctly. Learn to make the most of every word, comma, and exclamation mark!


Upon completion you will:

  • write clear and concise content and communication
  • know when to use certain punctuation
  • techniques to captivate your readers and stakeholders
  • be able to proofread and edit written content
  • find writing with impact second nature.
Persuasive Writing Course at RD Consulting


  • Corporate leaders and Managers who wish to sharpen their writing and communication skills.
  • Marketing and communication teams.
  • Groups who are new to communications and/or media roles.
  • Any team that needs strong communication to influence outcomes.
Persuasive Writing Training at RD Consulting

Duration: Can be tailored to a full-day or half-day sessions.

Location: The RD Training Hub in Dickson, Canberra, OR we come to you (Australia wide).

Attendees: Our training can cater for groups from 4 – 30 people and can be negotiated based on requirements, duration and location.

Inclusions: Training materials, Catering, Free Parking (RD Training Hub) in Dickson, Canberra.


RD Consulting draws on a team of experts in multiple fields within media and communication to deliver this training:

Clare Ross

Clare Ross has over 30 years’ experience as a journalist and TV reporter, public affairs advisor, and communication consultant. She has a strong understanding of the public policy, industry and media landscapes in Australia. See more of Clare’s extensive experience and abilities here.

Dr Todd Dearing

Dr Todd Dearing has extensive experience in strategic communication, writing, and editing across business, academia, the space industry, the defence industry and the public service. Todd has a PhD in English; has published in several leading academic journals; taught and led workshops on writing, editing, and literature; and has presented his research in Australia, England and Europe. See more of Todd’s experience and qualifications here.

Get in touch to find out more about our training packages, facilities and pricing and how we can customise a solution for your team.

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