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Methods of digital communication become more powerful, versatile and streamlined every year.

In 2016, the Department of Environment and Energy realised its social media strategy was increasingly dated, lacked innovation and failed to keep pace with the ever-changing environment of digital communication. Unable to effectively reach its target audiences, the department approached us for assistance.

Here’s how we did it


The department identified two objectives aimed at working to better reach its target audience:

  • Upskilling staff in digital communication skills.
  • Injecting innovation, testing and analytics into its digital presence.

To customise training for the department, RD Consulting met with key stakeholders to understand pain points, objectives and the current status of digital communication platforms. We created and presented a four-part workshop over five days, tailored to the department’s subject matter and its target audiences.

Penny Nowlan talking to an audience about workforce planning


Workshop Part 1

  • Overview of the cornerstones of digital communication.
  • Branding, messaging, social media and content marketing basics.
  • Risk management.

Workshop Part 2

  • Search engine optimisation.
  • Website optimisation.
  • Processes for managing and improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to web pages from search engines.
  • Mapping ways to boost website traffic, including applying these approaches to the department’s overarching communication strategy.


Workshop Part 3

  • Social media marketing.
  • How social media platforms assist connection with target audiences, build a brand and drive website traffic.
  • Finding target customers and influencers.
  • Connecting with prospects.
  • Managing visibility on social media.
  • Tracking, report and documenting network and outcomes.
  • Reviewing content for relevance and adherence to the strategy.

Workshop Part 4

  • Google analytics.
  • Social media analytics.
  • AB testing.
  • The importance of analytics and other metric testing in shaping strategy and audience.
  • Monitoring, reporting and data analysis.
  • Reporting benchmarks.

The results


At the conclusion of the five days, a team of 12 were upskilled and trained in digital communication. Now, each can launch their own analytics function and analytics capabilities. The department has since uplifted its Facebook presence with the launch of a department profile and has integrated Twitter into its communication strategy.


Equipped with new knowledge and skills, the department is now well prepared to keep pace with rapidly-emerging digital platforms.

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