Fast-paced and increasingly digital in nature. To stay ahead in business today requires embracing transformation and growth. New and different results require different actions. As trusted strategists, we help articulate, design and deliver your vision.


Our work begins with uncovering the challenges and opportunities for your business.

We then create a tailored roadmap for the coming months, years and decades. Tell us where you want to be, and we’ll work with you to create a strategy to get you there.

Amanda Communications Consultant


We stay with you.

We know strategy and execution can become disconnected. Our end-to-end consultancy services see us living and breathing your vision, closing gaps and staying with you on the change journey.


People. Process. Culture. Systems. Leadership.

Our work spans each of these business functions and everything in between.


When we say we’re home to some of the nation’s powerhouse communicators, we’re not kidding. We’re a team of strategists, communicators, marketers, trainers, workforce planners, designers and change management specialists in Canberra, Australia.

Where you need us, we’ll go. Our consultants can augment your existing team by being contracted for a specific period of time, or ongoing.

RD Consulting Experts

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Sarah Tisdell

Senior Manager


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