Strategy Execution Office

Your new Mission Control. At its core, a Strategy Execution Office is the control centre that translates deliverables through to actions. It offers transparency from the vision all the way through to project management and task mapping. Led by our team, delivered by yours.


We begin with your human resources.

Meeting collaboratively, mapping systems and processes. All the while anticipating the overall needs of your organisation. We facilitate sessions, rally your departments together and give you digital dashboards to actively track and manage progress.

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We leave you with a Golden Thread running through your departments.

Uniting your teams toward a common goal, mitigating differences and focusing on the deliverables at hand. From strategy to execution, we’ll ensure gains in efficiencies, transparency and process.


Strategy Execution Office at RD Consulting.

We can build your SXO in as little as eight weeks. Get in touch.


When we say we’re home to some of the nation’s powerhouse communicators, we’re not kidding. We’re a team of strategists, communicators, marketers, trainers, workforce planners, designers and change management specialists in Canberra, Australia.

Where you need us, we’ll go. Our consultants can augment your existing team by being contracted for a specific period of time, or ongoing.

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