Are you confident that your written copy, documents and publications are ‘spot on’ to make your message clear – or even better, make a stunning impact?

The Content Studio’s ‘service guarantee’ is demonstrated through the quality and brilliance we deliver for every one of our clients.

Whether you’re in government, private enterprise, or the not-for-profit sector, we have the expertise to draft, review, edit, and improve the quality and effectiveness of your:

  • reports and papers
  • articles and blogs
  • presentations and speeches
  • scripts for videos and podcasts
  • text for graphics and social posts
  • materials for events and training
  • bios and resumes.



Catching any errors or inconsistencies in documents of all kinds – articles, reports, scripts, figures, presentations, etc. We review for typographical errors, formatting issues, and other inaccuracies, and make the necessary corrections. Limited to two versions.

Copywriting and/or copyediting

Copywriting: Drafting communication copy – articles, scripts, digital content, social media posts.

Copyediting: Ensuring that writing is clear, concise, and error-free. We review text for readability, flow, style and consistency. We also check grammar, spelling and punctuation. Limited version management, as required.

Substantive writing and/or editing

Substantive writing: Structuring and drafting reports, major PowerPoint presentations, long-form articles/blogs, and various publications.

Substantive (structural) editing: Reviewing content structure, content gaps, context, flow, style, layout and formatting, plus full copyedit service. Unlimited version management.

End-to-end document production/publication 

A complete package for the production and online publication of a professional document – research, planning, writing, editing, formatting, proofing, and digital publishing in the required form (with hardcopy printing option available). Unlimited consultation and version management.

Masterclass in writing and editing

Gain clarity around the building blocks of writing, including sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech and tricky words. Our editing training component can be included in this masterclass, or as stand-alone training. Editing sessions can be tailored to meet Australian Government and various Defence style guidelines.


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Clare Ross

Senior Manager

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James Webber

Senior Consultant


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