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A Canberra-based creative communication agency

At RD, we’re a lot of things. First up, we’re problem solvers, communications enablers and opportunity leveragers… and we really know our stuff – particularly when it comes to cutting-edge tech, digital innovation and all things marketing, communications, government and Defence.

We’re also a tight-knit team of talented strategists, designers, writers, marketers, video producers, creative technologists, event managers, change consultants and trainers.

We’ll morph and mould, shape and scale, pivot and push to create communication solutions that answer your brief, meet your deadline, hit your target, drive awareness and deliver results.

But that’s more than enough about us. Here’s how we can help you...

Multilayered, targeted comms strategies that deliver
Communication strategy and planning
Marketing and social media
Writing and editing
Make sure your comms pack a visual punch!
Motion graphics
Graphic design
Websites and intranets
Podcasts & sound design
Change management
Let us support your organisation’s change or transformation program
Digital adoption
Enterprise transformation
Corporate events
We’ll craft your event vision and turn it into a dazzling reality
Event Management
Immersive customer experiences
Coaching & training
Develop professionally with our extensive marketing and communications programs
Customised training
Individual coaching
+ Experts in every format

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+ the RD Difference

What makes us

We are Defence Ready

At RD, our creative communication team is ready to hit the ground running, tapping into years of hands-on experience in and around Defence. Plus, we already have the DISP certification and all the right clearances, making partnering with us both quick and easy. Over the years, we’ve worked across the Department countless times, and with all three services – Australian Army, Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force. So, if you’re in Defence, our serious industry know-how can help you crack the code on your communication challenges… and our Defence-focused coaching and training can prepare individuals to work in the sector, too.


At RD, we cover the whole shebang of communications solutions. Our multidisciplinary team works and shares expertise across a range of spaces, so you can pick and mix the perfect combination of services, all in the one place. And one provider means way less admin for you, too – so win–win! Make sure you check out what we can do across communication, creative, change, corporate events as well as coaching and training.

Creative problem solvers

Our team is a tight-knit community of diverse talents and boundless creativity. With each member bringing their unique perspective and expertise to the table, we form a powerhouse of problem-solving prowess. Collaboration is our cornerstone, as we thrive on bouncing ideas off one another and building upon each other's strengths. Our collective passion for innovation drives us to push the boundaries, constantly seeking out fresh approaches to tackle challenges. Together, we're not just solving problems; we're crafting solutions that redefine what's possible.

SME sovereign capability

We are a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) ready for any challenge in a constantly changing environment. And, as per the book, we like to think of ourselves as a Small Giant - choosing to be great instead of big (a great read for any business owner). We are a local Canberra-based organisation with a national network of trusted suppliers. We’re also on multiple Australian and ACT Government panels for strategy, communication, and creative services. We can guide you through the procurement process with ease or work within your preferred terms of engagement.

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reeltime video

The event industry is thriving and demand for real-time, high-quality content for social media is increasing

Our pop-up video studio captures real-time moments to create social reels from your event

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