As strategic thinkers we don’t just ‘do’ communications.

We are highly agile problem-solvers, and we also explore opportunities in every situation. This guarantees an edge in achieving your requirements and goals. 

Our strategies and creative products are tactically balanced to deliver the appropriate degree of information at the right time, in the right place and in the right format. 

We have broad experience in the co-design and implementation of complex, multi‐faceted strategic communications strategies with comprehensive budgets. We gain a deep understanding of your requirements and deliver superior outcomes. 

For every element of communications you need, you can select from our complementary suite of services – be it animated videos; data analysis and vibrant dashboards; striking words; rule-bending graphic design; or putting on an amazing event. 

The power behind our impact is our collaborative team of specialists working dynamically with you to inform and engage your audiences at every point along the communications journey.  

We have a deep specialisation in Video, including copywriters, video editors, producers, art directors, animators and sound composers – all working together to bring your communications to life.

RD Consulting’s Design team are passionate, professional creatives who design with purpose, crafting visual communication solutions across every touchpoint of the engagement curve. 

RD’s highly skilled Event Management team are committed to planning and delivering impactful events for clients across government, private, and not-for-profit sectors. 

RD Consulting’s data experts are available to support communicating your data, using data visualisation techniques, or for projects more focused on data analytics, such as workforce analysis and visualisation.

We can take your organisation’s internal communication goals to a new level, building an intuitive intranet. We develop your internal online presence in a way that strengthens a knowledge‐sharing work culture. 

From training large, multi-departmental teams and delivering workshops for intimate groups to mentoring and one-on-one coaching, RD Consulting offers training solutions across social media, digital media, marketing, communications, strategy and public speaking – from beginner to expert level. 

RD Consulting has its very own Content Studio, offering professional writing, editing, proofreading, and digital publishing to our clients.

Real vs fake news: Navigating a world of information

Army Objective Force (AOF)

Army Objective Force – Strategic Communications



When we say we’re home to some of the nation’s powerhouse communicators, we’re not kidding.

We’re a team of strategists, writers, video producers, designers, marketers, event managers, data-experts and trainers in Canberra, Australia.

Where you need us, we’ll go. Our consultants can augment your existing team by being contracted for a specific period of time, or ongoing.

With hundreds of clients across government, private and not-for-profit sectors, the RD Consulting team has expertise in communicating with diverse audiences. This means we deeply understand client needs and deliver superior outcomes.

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