Claudia Cannon named finalist for Australian HR Manager of the Year

A company is nothing without its people – which is why it’s so important to have a people person as head of your HR team.

As RD Consulting’s inaugural HR Manager, Claudia Cannon is our people person, and her efforts are getting external recognition.

The Australian HR Awards have selected Claudia as an Excellence Awardee for HR Manager of the Year. She will now go on to be judged against awardees from around the country at the prestigious AHR Awards Gala on September 9.

RD Consulting CEO Colin Anstie said the recognition was well deserved.

“Claudia is an HR machine. When I hired her at RD Consulting, we were still in the early stages as an organisation, with little in the way of HR structure. She has relished the opportunity to essentially start from scratch and build our HR infrastructure from the ground up,” Colin said.

“She is incredibly knowledgeable, and I trust her wholly in leading the people management of our organisation. Her policies have helped RD to thrive through a period of expansion, laying the groundwork for us to continue to thrive.”

Claudia has helped shape RD Consulting, writing, implementing, and enacting much of the policy and framework shaping our organisation.

Through a challenging pandemic requiring a flexible workplace, Claudia ensured the RD office was ready for any challenge thrown our way.

Claudia has blended her policy knowledge with her empathetic nature, ensuring employees have felt acknowledged. She has created an enjoyable workplace in which inclusivity has thrived. Through her HR leadership, RD has become a family unit.

In this family environment, the office has held virtual quiz nights and meals to help the team stay connected and increased its focus on mental and physical wellbeing – with the implementation of an office gym, complimentary healthy food and drinks, meditation sessions and a mental wellness library.

“Claudia is a people person and it shows through her work. The small things she does may not be noticed individually, but they have a large collective impact,” Colin said.
“I am proud to have Claudia working with us at RD. We owe much of our success to her.”

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