Madeline Bonfini Awarded Australia Day Achievement Medallion by the Australian Army

For Madeline Bonfini, it has always been about driving change. And that’s exactly why she was recognised by the Australian Army when presented with an Australia Day Achievement Medallion for her contribution to communication reform.

Australia Day Achievement Medallions are awarded by government departments, giving them a chance to acknowledge staff for outstanding performances in special projects and core duties. It’s rare for a contractor to be awarded an Achievement Medallion, but then again, it’s not every day you come across people like Madeline.

Madeline began working with Defence when she started at RD Consulting as a graduate from the Australian National University in 2018. The Australian Army engaged RD in 2019 after it had surveyed its workforce and found that many of its personnel believed their careers were being managed poorly – and that they were chosen for positions without significant personal consideration.  

Struggling to communicate workforce structure,  policy and processes to its staff, Madeline and the RD team began working with the department to produce an overview of its current state of communication. 

While solutions to address career satisfaction are varied and complex, strategic communication plays an important role. Madeline and the team first conducted an audit of all branch communication and provided the department with a list of recommendations going forward, later helping to build a communication strategy.

Madeline has since been responsible for building a branch communication team for the department and completely overhauling its website. She has also introduced more effective communication channels to Army and aligned management processes across an entire branch through the creation of a Strategy Execution Office (SXO). The SXO now impressively ensures the work of six different Army areas are strategically aligned, prioritised and connected.

‘Madeline is such a superstar, she gives it her all every day, and she truly becomes the change she wants to see. I cannot think of a more deserving recipient, and I am ridiculously proud of her achievement – and of her as a superb human being’, RD’s CEO Colin Anstie said.

Madeline Bonfini and Colin Anstie Australia Day

The Director of the branch Madeline and our team worked with included a personal note on the award. It said,

‘I commend you for your outstanding contribution to Career Management communication reform. Through your exceptional emotional intelligence, innate curiosity and personal drive you have driven lasting change to the way Career Management – Army communicates both externally with its customers and internally with its staff.

You worked to rapidly understand the business and people of Career Management – Army and organically facilitated cross Directorate teamwork to deliver results including a complete overhaul of the Career Management – Army website, the introduction of more effective communication channels, and alignment of career management processes across the Branch.

You marshalled significant good will and resources for a project that is universally acknowledged as over delivering and which has been instrumental in achieving an integrated Branch whose business is better understood and easier to interact with. Additionally, your work has delivered improved internal cohesion, interaction, knowledge and understanding; ensuring Career Management – Army is both more effective now and in the future.

Your efforts are a credit to yourself and are in the finest traditions of the Australian Army.’

Congratulations Madeline. Your passion, drive, and utter belief in better inspire us all.

Adrienne from RD Consulting working on a laptop


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