RD Consulting named winner at Telstra Business Awards

We are thrilled to announce that RD Consulting has been the state winner in the category of Accelerating Women as part of the 2022 Telstra Business Awards.

As we’ve grown, RD has emphasised the value of accelerating women in the workplace and directly challenging the gender inequality which is seen across society.

Over 70% of our staff is female. This is reflected in our senior management where bold, dedicated, and wildly intelligent women make an impact every day through their leadership and contribution to the workplace.

Additionally, we have female staff with varied levels of experience and through mentorship and individual professional development, we help more women reach their career goals every day.

With 24,310 nominations and 239 finalists for this award, we are exceptionally proud of this achievement but even more proud of the culture and rise of women within RD.

Penny Nowlan, Senior Manager, has worked at RD for close to two years and has seen and experienced the acceleration of women firsthand.

“Working at RD fills a large part of my life, and it’s important to me to have the flexibility, and to strive for balance, which is something RD provides,” Penny said. “We are a team of passionate, strong individuals and we are empowered to do great work and be happy in our roles.

“It’s one thing to succeed as a predominately female managed business, but workplaces where men contribute to supporting and championing women is even more vital. Without men genuinely and confidently leading the change then there’s no way accelerating women in all facets of business can really happen.”

Colin Anstie, CEO, said that being recognised at the Telstra Business Awards was a fantastic achievement for the tireless work of the entire RD team.

“We work tirelessly at RD to create a thriving, productive, supportive environment, and so this award means the world to us,” Colin said. “It is so easy to get it wrong, and I feel like workforce complexities are increasing due to the pandemic, modern society and the almost unlimited work opportunities available to talented people.”

Our mantra at RD is to ‘Believe in Better’. Being recognised by Telstra in this way is a huge honour and is something that we see as extension of that mission.

Adrienne from RD Consulting working on a laptop


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