Video Production in the RD in-house studio

The development of a custom built in-house video production studio  has helped us harness the power of the visual medium and streamline the process of video creation for clients. 

With video becoming a greater part of almost every digital strategy, we saw a strong focus on video production during our client work in 2020.

Cue the onset of a global pandemic and the reliance on video increased even further, with engaging content important to connect with an audience stuck in their homes through trying times.

What happened next? A blueprint for an in-house production studio developed by Senior Consultant Michael Guo.  Fast-forward to today, and we can provide our clients with more project control, greater capacity to respond to short-notice briefs and reduce the logistical challenges of setting up and packing down temporary spaces.

The studio is resourced and kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment to provide us with maximum capability, creating an instant impact on projects.

Our dedicated team of designers, videographers, and animators work with our strategic communication team to lead the content creation process as part of client projects in the scope of their digital strategy.

The studio has already hosted several exciting projects, with the challenges of COVID-19 lockdowns able to be navigated through digital liaising with remote directing teams.

Principle Design Consultant, David Lawson said the flexibility and functionality of the studio has been a great value add for clients, in conjunction with our existing relationships with specialist providers.

“The value for clients that we have seen is that we have the capability to execute quickly and at short notice.”

“We don’t need to set up a temporary studio. It’s ready to go, it’s adaptable, and it’s agile in that the space can pivot to do many different styles of video.”

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